James O'Keefe: undercover journalism or shock agitprop?

At a presentation by conservative activist James O'Keefe to the Hancock Park Patriots, author Evan Sayet ("Kindergarden of Eden") comments on liberals' treatment of individuals incongrous with the liberal, party line.

South-Central L.A. teacher, Keith Hardine, addresses pressures racist pressures from the black community, intimidating conservative voices- which he encourages to stand up. Liberal blacks convinced Twitter to ban his account. He feels that Barack Obama and Eric Holder, and black demagogues like Al Sharpton are advancing divisiveness and Marxism.

Mark Sonnenklar comments on James O'Keefe's efforts - just having hosted his presentation before a record group of Hancock Park Patriots in L.A. on July 18, 2013.


Wave-rider turned wave-maker, "Surfing Rabbi" Nachum Shifren weds Canadian bride on Malibu Beach

"Surfing" Rabbi Norm ("Nachum") Shifren and betrothed Canadian, Rachel, of Edmonton, Alberta, held their wedding ceremony on Malibu Beach, California on Monday evening, 22 July 2013.  Among the attending family and friends were surfers and bay-watch lifeguards. Malibu Rescue generously positioned a fire boat in the background for ambience for the wedding of their old friend.  The wedding was officiated by Rabbi Aaron Parry, witnessed by brother Rabbi Moshe Parry. 

Educator, Rabbi Shifren, has crusaded to improve America's "broken" urban school systems.  He is also recognized for courage in standing-up against the spread of political Islam throughout Western society.  Shifren is known as for receiving political endorsement of conservative-leaning people of diverse ethinicities and faiths. Rabbi Shifren is planning to challenge incumbent leftist Rep. Maxine Waters for the congressional seat which she has occupied.

Mastering nature's waves gave L.A. Senate candidate Shifren capability to swim with the sharks in Sacramento


CBS TV cameraman and local journalist, Dave Bryan, attacked while reporting the story of Trayvon Martin peaceful protests

At the All-Star break, are racial agitators testing for weakness in rookie L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti's pleas for pacifism?

CBS2/KCAL9 Reporter, Photographer Attacked During Crenshaw Protests

A CBS2/KCAL9 videoographer and reporter were assaulted Monday night while covering a George Zimmerman protest in Crenshaw.

Reporter Dave Bryan was conducting an interview around 10 p.m. when the suspect tackled him and his videographer, the station confirmed.

“All of the sudden, this guy came up from behind, he had a hood, and he knocked David on the head and he pushed the camera guy down. The camera guy went down, the camera went down, David went down,” witness Joseph Deguerre, said. “I was in shock.”

The suspect then fled the scene and the crew was treated for minor injuries, the station added.    The attack was under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

 CBS Video Courtesy: Bill Omar
Dave Bryan, Newsman KCBS-Ch2LA

“To attack a news reporter when he’s getting an interview? That’s just crazy,” Deguerre, 43, said.

Fourteen people were arrested during Monday night’s protest.

Ruben Vives reports in The Los Angeles Times:
About 350 Los Angeles Police Department officers swarmed the Crenshaw district Monday night after groups of youths broke away from the demonstration protesting the George Zimmerman murder trial verdict.

The group roamed Crenshaw Boulevard and neighboring streets, breaking windows, setting fires and attacking several people.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck put the public on notice that officers would be taking a more aggressive posture toward protesters beginning Tuesday.

"This will not be allowed to continue," he said.

Police estimated that about 150 people took part in the violence after the peaceful vigil at Leimert Park following a Florida jury's Saturday acquittal of Zimmerman, 29, on charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter in last year's shooting death of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Protesters stormed a Wal-Mart at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, pushing their way through as guards scrambled to close security gates. A short while later, LAPD officers wearing helmets and carrying batons swarmed the store as others marched through the parking lot.

At a late-night news conference, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti blamed the violence on a "a small group [that] has taken advantage of this situation."

He said protesters have the right to voice their disagreement with the verdict, "but people also deserve to be safe on the streets and in their cars."


The lynchpin which deters a third jihad - Muslim invasion of Europe - Mark Langfan

Global-affairs analyst, Mark Langfan, explains Muslim petro-political motivations using 3 geometric elements- a line, a triangle, and a rectangle.

Attorney Langfan explains how US Sec'y of State Kerry's pressuring Israel to cede land control for a Palestinian state will facilitate Islamism's crusade into reconquering Europe via Greece- which NATO is obliged to go to war to defend.