Wave-rider turned wave-maker, "Surfing Rabbi" Nachum Shifren weds Canadian bride on Malibu Beach

"Surfing" Rabbi Norm ("Nachum") Shifren and betrothed Canadian, Rachel, of Edmonton, Alberta, held their wedding ceremony on Malibu Beach, California on Monday evening, 22 July 2013.  Among the attending family and friends were surfers and bay-watch lifeguards. Malibu Rescue generously positioned a fire boat in the background for ambience for the wedding of their old friend.  The wedding was officiated by Rabbi Aaron Parry, witnessed by brother Rabbi Moshe Parry. 

Educator, Rabbi Shifren, has crusaded to improve America's "broken" urban school systems.  He is also recognized for courage in standing-up against the spread of political Islam throughout Western society.  Shifren is known as for receiving political endorsement of conservative-leaning people of diverse ethinicities and faiths. Rabbi Shifren is planning to challenge incumbent leftist Rep. Maxine Waters for the congressional seat which she has occupied.

Mastering nature's waves gave L.A. Senate candidate Shifren capability to swim with the sharks in Sacramento

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