James O'Keefe: undercover journalism or shock agitprop?

At a presentation by conservative activist James O'Keefe to the Hancock Park Patriots, author Evan Sayet ("Kindergarden of Eden") comments on liberals' treatment of individuals incongrous with the liberal, party line.

South-Central L.A. teacher, Keith Hardine, addresses pressures racist pressures from the black community, intimidating conservative voices- which he encourages to stand up. Liberal blacks convinced Twitter to ban his account. He feels that Barack Obama and Eric Holder, and black demagogues like Al Sharpton are advancing divisiveness and Marxism.

Mark Sonnenklar comments on James O'Keefe's efforts - just having hosted his presentation before a record group of Hancock Park Patriots in L.A. on July 18, 2013.

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  1. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to explain what it means to be conservative.