California Republican Party primary victors' debut; party reaches-out to disillusioned Obama voters

(DemoCast-original video) On the morning after Primary Night 2010, the California Republican party, led by Chairman Rob Nehring, reaches out to disillusioned Obama voters, traditional Democrats, independents, and minorities.

Excerpt from Rob Nehring's speech:
"We will go into the African-American community and challenge the Democrats. Why shouldn't African-American children have options and alternatives to the failed schools, where no teaching . . .

We will go into the Jewish community in L.A. and make clear the weakness which this administration projects invites hostility upon America and our allies! And this party understands that America stands with Israel and our allies - forever!"

The newly elected, California Republican victors are introduced to the audience as a ticket for the first time (NBA-style), including Meg Whitman for Governor, Carly Fiorina for Senator, Steve Cooley for Attorney General, and Damon Dunn for Secretary of State.

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