Pick Poizner: He's the worthiest of the candidates in Calif GOP gubernatorial primary

L.A. Daily News' editorial choice: "In choosing the nominee for the gubernatorial primary, we urge GOP voters to ignore the ubiquitous and nasty ads and ask themselves which of the two candidates – Steve Poizner or Meg Whitman – is best prepared to be governor of a state in dire financial trouble.

They should consider which candidate has the experience in both government as well as private industry, which has been willing to meet with the press and public, and which one has a record of public service and an interest in public policy long before this election.

If Republican voters do that they will find that Poizner, the current insurance commissioner, is the worthier candidate.

Whitman, the former CEO of eBay, may have solid business background, but she lacks the political and public service background essential for the state’s top executive. She didn’t even bother to vote in many California elections.

Poizner, by contrast, was co-founder of two education groups, EdVoice and the California Charter Schools Association. He also was a White House fellow, focusing on cybersecurity and emergency communications and taught a semester of 12th-grade American government at a San Jose high school. In 2006, Poizner won a statewide election to become California’s insurance commissioner. …

Both would attack the state’s chronic fiscal problems, illegal immigration and pension problems, but only Poizner truly grasps what it takes to solve problems in government.

More importantly, of the two, only Poizner stands a chance in the election against Jerry Brown, the master politician who will have the might of the Democratic Party political machine on his side. That alone makes him the best choice in this primary."

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