'UN - prosecute inciters of suicide-terror-on-civilians as war criminals' - Holocaust-sentinel, Marvin Hier

"The world has never experienced such a plague of darkness as Islamic fundamentalism"- Rabbi Marvin Hier at tribute to victims of Islamic terror

"The world should be very clear- achieving martyrdom by killing innocent civilians is an abomination. It's a concept that desecrates all religions, denegrates humankind and defames G-d.

It is not only the terrorists who bear responsibility ... it is the religious leaders who programmed them, who inspired them, who sent them - who are equally culpable and are never mentioned.

Joseph Goebels and Julius Streicher never killed a human being - but they were named as major war criminals in Nurenberg because on a daily basis they poisoned the minds of tens of millions of Germans. That is exactly what the Imams of the Islamic fundamentalists do - and nobody does anything about it. The world must not remain silent. We have the tools to do something.

The United Nations must make suicide terror a priority. Why is it that the General Assembly of the United Nations can call special sessions - listen to the subjects (all of them important): drug cartels, AIDS, disarmament, apartheid, what is missing?

They have never called a special session to deal with the greatest crime of the 21st century - suicide terror! Why not??"

One final word to the supporters of terrorists, wherever you are. Your concept may be new but we've seen your prototype before... You're not the first to threaten our humanity.  For 3500 years we've seen your likes. During the pogroms, the Inquisition, and the Holocaust - and we've never changed our belief.

To use a metaphor that is appropriate from the upcoming fesival of Chanukah:
That one cruise of light that emanated from the Chabad House in Mumbai has contributed more to humanity than your whole ideology and your whole way of life.  And the Jewish people whom you seek to destroy will still be here long after you and your haters have been deposited in the dustbins of history - where you belong.

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