Rice/Bush betray Israel through U.N. Resolution obligating Israel to dangerous Saudi plan

For the first time, the United States defies Israel in obligating her to a UN Security Council resolution. No prior discussions or consultation with Israel on matters directly affecting the well being of the Jewish state. Who are they trying to impress?

Jewish civil-rights group,"The 18," call out the danger of this dynamic and this resolution.

Columnist, Michael Freund, writes "Bush's December Surprise" on Dec 18, 2008 cricticizes the U.S. action more severely:
With just a month left to go before he leaves office, George W. Bush has decided to pull the trigger and drop a bomb on the Middle East. Only instead of targeting Iran's illicit nuclear program, or Syria's nefarious regime, the outgoing US president has inexplicably chosen to detonate a diplomatic device over the heads of all Israelis.

In a move that was said to have been "personally led" by Bush, diplomats from the 15 member nations of the UN Security Council convened for an emergency session on Saturday to discuss the text of a proposed resolution aimed at tying the hands of Israel's next government.

The draft resolution, which was slated to be passed Tuesday, calls on Israel and the Palestinians to continue to negotiate "core issues" such as dividing Jerusalem, even after the present Israeli and Palestinian governments leave office in 2009.

"The initiative," as Haaretz reported on Sunday, "is seen as a bid to cement the Annapolis process with the approval of the highest authority," with Bush hoping that Security Council backing will make it "irreversible." This, he believes, will result in "shielding it from the administration changes in both Israel and the US."

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