"Palestine is racist Islamists' red-herring," reveals Muslim-reformist, Nonie Darwish. Sikh clergy leader denounces 'Holy War' against non-Muslims

Brought together by empathy for the victims of the pious, Jewish victims of Kashmiri 'unholy' warriors, Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Sikh leader and Muslim-reformist call for a global reform of Islamic supremacy and imperialism. They feel that the world and Muslims must acknowledge and address this problem candidly.

Nirinjan Singh Khalsa, Executive Director of the California Sikh Council, says, "Any community of good and light has to stand together against this darkness and evil (Jihad). Evil flourishes when good people do nothing. It's important that all communities together join to stop this insanity of terrorism." Kashmir's population which is 97% Muslim is less than 1% Sikh.

Egyptian born, Muslim-raised author Nonie Darwish explains, "Islamic cultural violence and political terror is a plague upon all peoples who must join to eradicate it from Islam.

The issue is not the land over Palestine- that's the lie. It is not a land dispute. This is a religious, Holy War against any nation that rules itself, but not under Islamic leadership. And what is the closest autonomous, non-Muslim nation to the heart of the Middle East? It is Israel. And that is the truth. And until Muslims face that truth and admit it to the world instead of playing games and killing all these innocent people... We must face our internal problems - we (Muslims) must look within."

Ms. Nonie Darwish just released her second book "Cruel and Usual Punishment: The terrifying global effects of Sharia law." Amazon's product description reads:
Nonie Darwish presents an insider's look at Sharia and examines how radical Muslim laws are destroying the Western world from within. Cruel and Usual Punishment is an insider's look at how Muslims sacrifice their basic human rights to obey the archaic and brutal laws handed down to their prophet centuries ago. Heed this warning: Sharia Law is attempting to infiltrate Western culture and destroy democracy.

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