Samuel Huntington's death should tip media to Hamas' role against Israel: to remake world order; Muslim-raised, Nonie Darwish, confirms nature of plan

Israel is attempting to defend itself against ongoing terrorism from its self-professed enemy, Hamas-ruled, Gazan Arabs.

The foreign press has taken notice, accusing Israel of disproportionate response to Hamas' Kassam rocket attacks on southern Israel, which the press largely ignored during the many months that it harmed Israeli lives.   The press continues to minimize Hamas' antagonism in its mostly one-sided interpreting of the conflict as the Israeli forces' harming the Palestinians seeking 'liberation.'  But the liberation of what?

The press should take a clue from the noteworthy passing of seminal, Harvard political scientist, Prof. Samuel Huntington, this week.  In his 1993 tome, "The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order," Prof. Huntington asserted that in a post-cold-war world, violent conflict would come not from nationalist friction between nations, but from cultural and religious differences among the world’s civilizations - predicting conflict between the the Muslim world and Western dominance. Charlie Rose interviewed him in this 1997 video.

Author and Muslim-born humanitarian, Ms. Nonie Darwish, exposes her view that the nature of the conflict being inflicted upon the West (and Israel) is motivated by fundamentalist Islamic theology and culture.

In her books, "Now They Call Me 'Infidel,'" and the January 6th scheduled release of "Cruel & Usual Punishment - The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law," she demystifies Muslim cultural imperialism around the world.

She explains in this video conversation that Islamist imperialism against the West (e.g., al Qaeda, shariah law, the radicalizing of Western Muslims' mosques) is the same motivation of Arab world for the "Palestinian Peace-Process;" i.e., "The goal of the Arab-Israeli conflict is that the Jews of Israel must live under Muslim authority." 

She spends a wide-ranging discussion following the memorial service for Mumbai victims of Islamic terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

In the Gaza incursion, Israel is battling Islamic jihadism bent on Israel's destruction. It's the same militant, cultural imperialism seeking to convert or dominate Western civilization. Israel is defending its legitimate existence from genocidal Holy Warriors in this epitome of Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations." And the media had better recognize that - before the Shariah they are unwittingly defending ultimately turns against the media themselves.

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