Conservative activist, publisher Andrew Breitbart, dies on L.A. street at 43-years of age. Coverage from DemoCast

Andrew Breitbart, patriotic publisher of Big Journalism and Big Hollywood, died today of a reported heart attack in Los Angeles.  He was 43-years old.  Here are some of DemoCast's stories of and related to Mr. Breitbart, which include several original video reports.

Andrew Breitbart: 'Tea-Party raising Biden's ire indicates success, although GOP leaders undermined Tea Party in debt-ceiling-deal with Prez'

Andrew Breitbart: Israel's counter-jihad realpolitik frustrates Obama's leftist / Muslim, anti-Zionist realpolitik; When will liberals wake up?

Online "Troop-athon" aims to send the largest ever number of care packages to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq

Hollywood's Influence on Society - L.A. Times Debate

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