"Democrat Antisemitism: It's Not Just the Squad, but the Entire Party" Op/Ed by Laureen Lipsky

Congress-people who regard themselves The Squad members
"Democrat Antisemitism: It's Not Just the Squad, but the Entire Party" Op/Ed by Laureen Lipsky

Moderate Democrats point that ‘it’s just The Squad’ but it is time to say the quiet part out loud: from remaining silent on the antisemitic Iran Deal to not supporting the U.S. embassy move, to re-instating funding to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, supporting the antisemitic Black Lives Matter -- it’s the whole damn party.

DNC Chair L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa had to force 3 votes as 2012 Democratic National Convention rejected a traditional platform amendment supporting Jerusalem as an undivided city, September 5, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  
In the Democrat party’s latest unsurprising political stab against Israel, on Sept. 21st, House Democrats voted against funding Israel’s aerodynamic defying defense system. $6.3 billion for African refugees remained in place. Israel’s famed Iron Dome has prevented not just the deaths of numerous Jews, Muslims, and Christians living in the only Jewish country, but averted more frequent large-scale defense wars with two of Iran’s proxies: Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Though the Iron Dome will continue in operation via a stand-alone bill which was passed days later, due to the realization of diplomatic suicide, the Democrats are solidifying their hatred of Jews, both in Israel and domestically.  

A ‘Moderate’ Democrat currently occupies the White House, who has a massive history of antisemitism. In 1982, then Senator Biden threatened to cut aid to Israel which prompted Israeli Prime Minister Begin’s most famous speech, “I am Not a Jew with Trembling Knees.” Jihad Joe, as he should be aptly titled, made the latest Hamas war against Israel, this past May, possible by reinstating funding to the terrorist Palestinian Authority, and provided ‘humanitarian aid money’ to Gaza which is equivalent to funding Hamas as Hamas not so surreptitiously steals 10% of such ‘aid.’ But most damning was the easing of economic sanctions on Iran, which rapidly funded Iran’s terror proxies against Israel. The entirety of the Democrat party remained silent as Biden attacked Israel through his antisemitic policies. To add further insult, Democrats had the temerity to establish a ‘Palestinian’ Affairs consulate in Jerusalem. His Vice President is of the same antisemitic stock; just recently, Kamala replied with "your truth should not be suppressed" to a George Mason University student who spewed lies about Israel's 'ethnic genocide.'

10,000 gathered for "Stop Iran Rally" against Democrats enabling Iran nuclear weapons that could be given to anti-US terror groups or dropped on Israel. Times Square, NYC July 2015
The Iran Deal, Obama’s much lauded from within party lines ‘success’ was yet another antisemitic tool, enabling Iran to produce enough uranium not for internal energy use but for a nuclear bomb, an achievement Iran itself has boasted it wishes to use readily against Israel. Secretary of State John Kerry was too busy threatening the Israelis over sovereignty of Judea & Samaria rather than fastidiously negotiate a tough deal with Iran. Democrat antisemitism did not originate with the Iran Deal. Bill Clinton, in 1993, orchestrated the heinous ‘Terrorist Accords’ aka Oslo Accords, which established legitimacy of the Palestinian Authority, carved up Israel’s historical heartland, Judea & Samaria, into Areas A, B, and C, with Area A designated legally Judenrein, despite Jewish holy sites located in the region. The Democrats remained silent during the ensuing intifadas and in fact, urged Israel to showcase ‘restrain.’

Domestically, the party of slavery and of the KKK continues to assault Jews. Recently, the FDR Drive in New York City was vandalized with antisemitic anti-Israel graffiti. NY Governor Hochul feigned outrage yet she and then Governor Cuomo pushed bail reform in 2019, which immediately released antisemitic assaulters all throughout 2019. A smattering of local Democrat officials decried the vandalism, but their voices were utterly silent during BLM’s anti-Israel chants in Brooklyn last year. And their voices nowhere to be found while Jews were being attacked all over New York for supporting Israel during the latest Hamas war.

The Global Intifada protests have been given permits from the de Blasio administration. In my own neighborhood of Columbus Circle, I witnessed numerous days of pro-Hamas rallies this past May. Never did I think that terrorist flags would be flying in the epicenter of a city with the largest Jewish population in America. All attempts of communication with my member of Congress, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, went unanswered.

It is an open ‘secret’ that Democrats have been awful to Jews throughout American history - from the KKK to FDR’s atrocious handling of Jewish refugees during the Holocaust, to their stance on Israel. JFK was the only exception, his Zionism greatly appreciated and remembered to this day. President Truman recognized Israel, thankfully, but failed to provide military support as Israel was fighting for its very existence against an onslaught of Arab armies. And who could forget Carter and his accusations against Israel on its actions in Gaza, which is a legal blockade, for the same reason Egypt blockades Gaza…terrorism. Carter also called on Hamas to be recognized as a ‘legitimate’ peace partner to Israel, and for the UN to investigate Israel’s ‘crimes.’

From local Democrat politicians to White House administrations, current and former, the party of pronouns, illegal migration, and Socialist leanings has proven that Jews do not matter. Israel, our greatest ally whom we currently do not provide economic aid (2013 was the last year of monetary aid), and from which we obtain the strongest intelligence and military research and development, without which America would need a greater presence in the Mediterranean, deserves better. Many liberals decry that Republicans have ‘politicized’ Israel. Nay, it is the Democrats who have not just abandoned Israel but also actively harm Jews within the U.S.

Author bio: Laureen Lipsky is the Co-founder & CEO of Taking Back the Narrative, a Zionist education initiative. Her writing has been featured in JNS, The Federalist, American Thinker, Washington Examiner, Times of Israel, and Israel Hayom. She has written an exclusive piece, "The semantics of anti-Semitism" for The Center for Security Policy, and was recently a featured guest on a webinar episode of America's Voice.

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