French Consulate salutes SoCal Yanks who defeated tyranny, saved world from fascism- Memorial Day ceremony in L.A.

An audience of hundreds of veterans, survivors, and patriots attended a ceremony for Memorial Day,  hosted by Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills cemetery.

French Consul Gen. Axel Cruau awards "Legion of Honor" to
90-yr old WWII vets Reed Grier, Norbert Sizlak and Julius Posner 

Cresenta Valley ROTC cadets bear the flags as thee L.A. Police Department Concert Band performs a medley of each of the U.S. Armed Forces theme songs, as veterans of each branch rise to applause. Honor guard from the LA County Sheriff Department performed a 21-gun, rifle salute to America's fallen.

France's Consul General to Los Angeles, Hon. Axel Cruau, salutes Americans who restored liberty. He awarded 3 WWII veterans (Norbert Sizlak, Reed Grier, and Julius Posner) the highest honor that the French government bestows on non-citizens - the Legion of Honor.


Consul General Axel Cruau, explained to DemoCast the esteem his country holds for America in extending "the Legion of Honor," the highest award given to French citizens to foreign national.   The Consul says that French scholastic curriculum teaches the history of the Allied American liberation of France from Nazi occupation. 

Consul General Cruau says that he is personally touched to meet and bestow this award on American veterans of the Allied invasion of Normandy- and those others who fought to restore liberty to his country in 2 separate wars.

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