9/11 ceremony in L.A. rekindles the memory of victims (civilian & civil-servants) of Jihadist terror attack- and reunites the free-world in resolve to defeat Jihad

Ceremony held 9/11/11 at the Simon Wiesenthal Center was moderated by Director, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, and featured in this video:
L.A. Police Band conducted by Sam Holcum; 
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa; 
Rabbi Marvin Hier; 
LAPD Deputy Chief responsible for Counter-terrorism Michael Downing; 
Angeleno survivor of WTC attack, Steve Silva;
L.A. City Officials and foreign diplomats from around the world reciting the names of L.A.-affiliated victims of the jihadist attack on America on September 11, 2001;

Is Islam a threat to democracy? Rabbi Abe Cooper's perspectives:

Rabbi Marvin Hier discusses the media's unwillingness to address Islamist supremacism as a motivation of the terror aspect of the global Jihad movement.

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