A glimpse into Obama Admin's leftist/Islamist Middle East agenda; More Jews find safe future with Romney

Presenting an award to Shimon Peres events doesn't outweigh undermining Netanyahu against Iranian enemy
If current trends hold, Mitt Romney is poised to capture the largest share of the Jewish vote by a Republican since Dwight Eisenhower. According to a new index, released by Investor’s Business Daily, Obama is pulling under 50% of the Jewish vote and Romney is pulling nearly 40%: 
Based on these figures, the Jewish vote aggregate average figures for today show President Obama with 48%, Mitt Romney with 39.1%, and 12.7% undecided. 
Obama sabotaged Israel's Azerbaijan attack plans against Iran
by leaking them to the press

These numbers mark the lowest level of support for a Democratic candidate since Jimmy Carter who received only 45% of the the Jewish vote running against Ronald Reagan in 1980, and the greatest amount of Jewish support for a Republican candidate since 1956 when Eisenhower attracted 40% of the Jewish vote. 
Barack Obama won an astounding 78% of the Jewish vote in 2008, meaning that he has bled 30 points of support among this vital coalition. This will be a major factor in a number of states, Florida chief among them. Romney is running 17 points ahead of John McCain’s abysmal 22% share four years ago. This is a major shift, one that can potentially oust Obama from the White House.  (Justin Higgins in JHPolitics.com)

Despite the campaign pomp & ceremony, the reality of the Islamo-Marxism flourishing under Obama means trouble for democracy in the Middle East. A look back at the leftist activism surrounding Netanyahu's visit to the White House and speaking appearance at AIPAC this year.  Commentary from luminaries including Jon Voight, Michael Medved, Amb. John Bolton, Prof. Barry Rubin, & Bob Kunst show and tell the breakdown of Zionist safety and trust by Obama's leftist undermining of Israel's security.

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