Anniversary of '72 Munich Olympics marks 39-years of West's scapegoating of Israel over Palestine; Islamist terror is not a response, it is an historic, supremacist aggression; Stop the U.N. from supporting Palestine over Israel

39-years-ago on this day, September 6, 1972, the world was shocked as Islamist terrorists kidnapped and murdered Israeli athletes at the XXth Summer Olympic Games in Munich, Germany.

This is an archived video of ABC News' coverage of the "bloody Olympics" atrocity (at which 17 people, including 11 Israelis, were killed), hosted by ABC News' anchorman, Howard K. Smith.

(Video courtesy: RobAtsea2009)

Islamist terrorism debuted to a global public at the Munich Olympics atrocity. But, like the Islamist attacks on NYC's World Trade Towers 29-years and 5-days later, the mass-media has framed (and the public has been led to believe) acts of Islamist terror as a response to some Western (including Israeli) affront against benign Muslims.
Courtesy BareNakedIslam

The P.L.O.'s Black September terror killings of Jewish athletes in Munich are misunderstood to be a response of a nationalist Palestinian movement seeking for Israel to "de-military occupy" militant Gaza, Judea, and Samaria. On the contrary, Palestinian ambitions are to conquer all of Israel under the flag (and spiritual influence) of Islam (just as al-Qaeda's Islamic imperialism seeks to elevate Islam over Christian, democratic America, and all of the non-Muslim world).

Palestinians evidence their aspiration to conquer all of Israel prima facie of the logos and seals bearing the geographic image of the actual state they seek - the map of all of Israel.

Palestinian Hamas's logo depicts all of Israel as goal
Fatah Party logo depicts Palestine as Israel proper

Elder of Ziyon has created a video which depicts the goal of Palestinian nationalism in their own images:

The Obama Administration's foreign policy has been to downplay global, Islamist imperialism as a motivation in Islamic terrorism, electing to pin the war on terror on Muslim indignation for Jewish Israel not ceding land for Muslim Palestinian nationalism. Ever since Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza 6-years ago, persistent Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza into Israeli towns evidence the Palestinians true intentions- not nation-building, but neighbor conquering. Any U.N. support for a Palestinian nationalist resolution (rather than encouraging the P.A. into direct negotiations with Israel)  would really means an endorsement for bigoted Islamist imperialism over the free world.
Muslims in England reveal their political intentions to conquer the free world.  Photo courtesy: Cry me an Onion

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  1. The Middle East Conflict is a Cultural War. If it was about land, rights or settlements it would have been solved long ago, is not it is Cultural War.
    Professor Philip Salzman from McGill University book Culture and Conflict.
    Middle East war is an Islamic Cultural War, which we are losing because we don't understand it. The book Culture and Conflict, P. Salzman, explains it through documentation and research. In short their horizontal culture is in conflict with our vertical culture.
    This book must be read ASAP by everyone and discussed. A Cultural War is complex, those invading and those invaded do not realize what happening until it is to late. England, France and Holland are almost lost and in the EU, several countries’ judicial systems are now using Islamic Sharia law against their own citizens.
    If you share his ideas and the book it will help people understand the conflict and instead of fighting this battle with those that don't understand. You will be able to promote ideas how to change Middle East culture into a more positive culture.
    England, France and Holland other EU countries are coming close to the point where they will have to decide and accept Islam as their new culture.
    There is still time to stop it with nonviolent activities. If we don't it will end up in a Genocidal War.
    In the Middle East your enemy can still be nice but still your enemy.
    Ps: can you help the Israel Longhorn Project.

    Robin Rosenblatt
    Israel Longhorn Project
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