Hollywood's Influence on Society - L.A. Times Debate

The L.A. Times features a 5-part debate on Hollywood's politics influence on society by David Ehrenstein, a Hollywood journalist, blogger, and author of "Open Secret: Gay Hollywood--1928-2000," and
Andrew Breitbart, co-author of "Hollywood, Interrupted: Insanity Chic in Babylon -- The Case Against Celebrity;" a longtime editor at the Drudge Report, (he speaks neither on behalf of Drudge or his report), and co-creator of the Huffington Post. He also publishes the news aggregation site Breitbart.com, and the best-of news video and audio site Breitbart.tv.

Antiwar Season
This fall the movie industry is featuring a rash of high-profile antiwar films, from Brian DePalma, Paul Haggis, Robert Redford and others. What does that tell us about modern Hollywood politics?

Hollywood reporting for duty?
What duty, if any, does Hollywood have to the country? What role should it play in the national discourse?

What are Hollywood values?"
If it's all about free love and hating America, how come there aren't many openly gay stars or pro-jihadi movies? If it's all about the almighty dollar, how come Hollyweirdos disproportionately back the party that wants to tax them more? What, if anything, is the message Hollywood lefties are trying to get across?

Hollywood conservatives: in the closet?
Today, Andrew Breitbart and David Ehrenstein ponder the plight of Tinseltown conservatives. Yesterday, they attempted to define Hollywood values. Wednesday, they discussed the role filmmakers should and do play in the domestic political debate, and Monday, they examined the fall season of antiwar flicks. Tomorrow, they'll wrap up by figuring out whether Hollywood even matters anymore.

Tinseltown's last hurrah
Does Hollywood even matter, politically? Isn't technology (among many other things) eroding the System's sway and cultural relevance? Andrew Breitbart and David Ehrenstein conclude their debate on celebrity politics. Tday, Breitbart and Ehrenstein wonder whether Hollywood is relevant in American politics. Previously they debated whether Tinseltown conservatives are in the closet, attempted to define Hollywood values, discussed the role filmmakers should play in the domestic political debate and examined the fall season of antiwar flicks.

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