Uncanny fates await mercenary opponents of Israel

This sixth 9/11 anniversary a day prior to the 'week of judgment and atonement' on the Hebrew calendar, reminds us of the ramifications of prominent western leaders selling-out their integrity to the Arab enemies of Israel.

The Mohammed al-Dura fauxtography case is being exposed as a conspiracy by France2 TV against truth (and Israel).

Arab-donation recipients, Former Pres. Jimmy Carter and Professors Mearsheimer & Walt have both come out with distorting, defamatory best-selling books against Israel and its Jewish supporters.

Washington Post journalist, Glenn Kessler's book reveals U.S. Secy of State Condoleeza Rice's having intimidated Israel's Ariel Sharon Administration to unilaterally surrender Jewish presence in Gaza - in an attempt to 'promote peace' by appeasing the Arab world. Lessons to be considered in planning November's 'Peace Conference.'

This pop song, "There's a Judgment and There's a Judge" by Ariel Zilber points-out the uncanny fates which have befallen Israel's leaders who surrendered Jewish Gaza to Israel's enemies as an example of the metaphysical ramifications of acting against the G-d of Israel's essence in this world.

"There's a judgment and there's a judge, and the account will come;
The one who banished without mercy, in Gaza and in Samaria.
They were there in order to provide security to us all
And now, they are wandering around, wounded, without a place to dwell.

There's a judgment and there's a judge, they will carry the responsibility.
One is a judge, and a general, one is a simple soldier.
There's a payment for the flattery, for the stupidity, for the arrogance.
There's a judgment and there's a judge and there's no mistake in here.

There's a judgment and there's a judge, my brother, but there's no despair.
In Amona all the youngsters of the bloc were gathered
They didn't think at all about escaping from the very one derogatory soldier
And I internalized that there's a chance that the youth is decisive.

There's a judgment and there's a judge, ask anyone in the street
Where's the father, where's the son, think about it, think
And sages have already told and it was also written in the books
The pitied one will only be the one who left the sin.

There's a judgment and there's a judge, listen soldier, policeman
And all the ones who gives the land of the nation to the enemy
All of the land of Israel isn't mine nor yours
The one who buy land and sky is beautify himself in it (not clear).

There's a judgment and there's a judge and there's the one who warned
The same prophet who shines for us for years already
And declared that he will fight, will collect the price by himself
From the one who will talk with them (enemies) even about one grain (of the country).

There's a judgment and there's a judge and there are terrific examples
Arik, Omri, Tzachi, Basi, Katzav and Chaluts
There are more in the list, to those who will come next they still have a choice
If they will stop from making fun of the land of Israel.

There's a judgment and there's a judge, 2 years for the banish
The son has been convicted, and also the father already isn't worth a penny
There's one who doesn't forget and he doesn't forgive on that
The one who destroyed such a flourishing region won't escape."

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