Iran's Psychological Warfare Exploiting Naive Media, Public

Iran President Ahmadinejad's appearance in New York is a textbook example of psychological warfare manipulation, in the class of Nazism's Goebbels or Communism's Stalin.

In his Columbia University speech, Iran's president demonstrated textbook use of disinformation and confusion to advance his objective for global domination of political Islamism.

Iran's objective was to manipulate the mainstream media into giving him a forum to mollify public support against U.S. or Israeli military action against his threatening nuclear program. Also to advocate the idea that America (indeed, the U.N. global community) would have nothing to fear from Islamist (nuclear) terror if it would only weaken support for human-rights' oasis in that tyrannical region - Israel.

He mis-represented himself with a pious and democratic demeanor to intentionally obscure the American public's perception of his regime's true totalitarian (submission to the Islamic laws which his regime brutally enforces) and their apocalyptic nature (noted in his introductory, Mahdaviat preface and pre-war warning letters to America to convert to Islam).

He diverted questions intended to clarify Iran's fostering instability in the world by fomenting terror, and his goals to dominate the oil-producing Middle East by nuclear-militarizing (and spreading them against his Western enemies, e.g., through Syria) as his moral right in defense of 'avenging' the (predecessor of the) United Nations' legitimate re-establishing the sovereign refuge of Israel in the Jews' ancestral biblical homeland as dispossessing 'Palestinians.'

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