Pally-wood: The Most Lucrative Snuff-Film Producer in the World

Is maintaining the appearance of Israel appearing oppressive and Palestinians appearing victimized actually a patsy for Elites absconding with billions of dollars in humanitarian aid fraud? Connect the dots yourself.

For as much sympathy as it can evoke by media depictions of victimization by Israeli hostility, the Palestinian Authority is able to generate commensurate billions of dollars in humanitarian aid from Western taxpayers (through direct aid & UN programs) and some Arab monarchs (who benefit from portraying Israel as enemy-worthy).

Depicted: The last time we see Mohammed al-Durah on Talal’s videocamera: He holds his hand over his eyes, not his allegedly, deadly stomach wound. He lifts his up his arm and looks around. Enderlin had already declared him dead in an earlier scene, and (therefore?) cut this scene from his broadcast. (Courtesy: Augean Stables).

The 'news' is systematically manufactured by an permanent, Arafat-initiated, propaganda campaign ("Pally-wood" alleges Augean Stables' media expert, Prof. Richard Landes and French-based Media-Ratings.Fr director, Philippe Karsenty) with foreign media complicit for their social and business agendas. To what extent does this propaganda / hoax business benefit the Palestinian leaders and their EU donors? By evoking humanitarian aid funds from the West, which can evade accountability, i.e. kickback.

Where has the previous $10 billion in foreign aid gone and to where will future money likely go?

According to the Jerusalem Post's Caroline Glick (detailed amounts in an extensive article, "Palestinians are the new, chosen people" by Boker Tov Boulder):

"Since its establishment in 1994, the PA has received more aid per capita than any other group of people in the world has ever received - more than the victims of genocide in Sudan or Rwanda, more that the victims of the tsunami in Asia,
more than the Iraqis or the Afghans - more than anyone."

In the same article it's noted that "terrorists sitting in Israeli prisons get $4 million a month," and more millions are paid to families of dead terrorists.

And weren't we talking about Muhammed Dahlan just the other day? He's been quoted as admitting that of the $10 billion in international aid that the Palestinians have received over the past 12 years, some $5 billion has gone missing.

This problem is not new, as terror-funding tracking author, Rachel Ehrenfeld, indicated in the National Review exactly 4 years ago:

... The Israeli government had already given them (Members of the European Parliament, "MEPS") volumes of captured Palestinian documents providing evidence that the PA was using EU funds to pay for homicide bombings, the upkeep of terrorists, weapons, and bomb-manufacturing plants; vacations, travel, scholarships and medical treatments for members of the Palestinian leadership and their families; and — not least — Chairman Arafat's personal bank accounts.

How is it possible that the International Monetary Fund, CBS, the BBC, and even the PA itself were all able to document the PA's misuse of funds while Commissioner Patten failed to acknowledge it?

Despite thousands of the PA's own documents — some signed by Yasser Arafat himself — European Union's external-relations commissioner, Christopher Patten, Hannes Swoboda (a member of the European parliament's ad hoc working group on aid to the PA), and many other MEPs not only continue to deny that European tax money has funded Palestinian terrorism, but also claim that the PA documents, authenticated by American, German, and Israeli experts —
and even by the Palestinians themselves — are "forgeries produced by Israel." ...

History gives us little reason to think the PA will stop funding terrorism. Maybe it's time to hold European donors legally accountable for the return on their investment.

The AP reports that on 14 & 17 December '07 in Paris, "Palestinians ask for $5.8 billion in aid"

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will ask the international community
this week to nearly double aid through 2010, for a total of $5.8 billion.

Abbas says he needs help with a huge deficit run up in years of strife,
but also is promising to curb spending and spark economic growth.
The Abbas government's 2008-2010 development plan, obtained by The
Associated Press, will be given to officials from donor countries in Paris on
Friday, ahead of a high-level donor meeting there on Dec. 17.

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