Looking for the Grinch in Bethlehem

Infolive.tv's Firas Hamed visited Bethlehem in the midst of Christmas celebrations in the city in an attempt to learn whether Hamas cells are operating in the West Bank city, and how big a threat they pose to the stability of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' rule.

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  1. A Creche Without Christians
    Christian Persecution in the Middle East.

    By Nina Shea in National Review.com

    "The loss of Middle Eastern Christianity has profound meaning for the Church. But it should not be a matter of concern to Christians only. These Christian communities, along with a handful of other non-Muslim minority groups, such as the Bahais, Mandeans, Yizidis, Jews, together with the anti-Islamist Muslims, are the front-line in the terrible worldwide struggle taking place today between Islamist totalitarianism and individual rights and freedoms. The extinction of these ancient church communities will lead to ever more extremism within the region and polarization from the non-Muslim world. This will hurt us all.

    The new religious survey, Freedom in the World, produced by the Center for Religious Freedom shows that while some Muslim governments do respect religious freedom, none are to be found in the Middle East. Israel is the only “free” country, and their Christian numbers are increasing."

  2. Read the entire article which addresses the particulars of Muslim persecution of Christians in numerous countries.