Bush's New Year Wish-list: New Secretary of State?

DebkaFile reports that Pres. Bush was displeased with Secy of State Condoleeza Rice's endeavoring to go behind Israel's (and Pres Bush's) back to elicit U.N. supervision of Israel's Annapolis obligations. This was rumored as her seeking to bolster Israel's balking at her Annapolis concession and dhimmitude demands.

Debka publishes,"This incident led also to the first real falling-out between President George W. Bush and his secretary of state Condoleezza Rice. He blamed her for seeking to bolster the Annapolis declaration by Security Council endorsement, thereby exposing the hyped-up event to the world as a charade and his own declaration as too flimsy to stand up."

Ed Lasky makes the argument (augmented at Atlas Shrugs) for the case for replacing Rice in this letter :

"Many people have begun to express frustration and disillusionment with our Secretary of State Condi Rice. Now she reaches a new low.
Let's recap: Condi forced Israel to allow Palestinian elections which brought Hamas to power, pushed Israel to turn over one of the Gaza Strips' borders to Egypt-which has played an active role in the smuggling of arms and the empowerment of Hamas, has been pushing Israel to ignore the Road Map and leapfrog (an Evil Knievel leap in the dark) into final status negotiations with the Palestinians, and has generally acted in a way that has facilitated war, not peace.
Now she blames her lack of previous efforts on Ariel Sharon! Now she is active in the Middle East because...why....well , to paraphrase, Ariel Sharon was incapacitated by a massive stroke and now lies in a coma? How diplomatic. Condi Rice must be breathing a sigh of relief now that Ariel Sharon lies near death.

Of course, Condi Rice ignores the Palestinian failures: their teaching of terrorism, their violation of all previous agreemnts with Israelis, the corruption that allowed the rise of Hamas, the use of religion to teach hatred, the active efforts to create a terrorist infrastructure, the failure to prepare their people for compromise and peace?
She also ignores the fact that Ariel Sharon took the painful steps to destroy the settlements in the Sinai when this land was turned over to Egypt in the wake of the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt and tat Areild Sharon also made the decision to uproot the settlements in the Gaza." - Ed Lasky
Now, ignoring Iran's avowed threats to destroy America's ally Israel, DebkaFile reports that Secy Rice offers Iran more carrot than stick - better relations for suspending uranium enrichment and abandoning “confrontation.”
The Bush administration has so far made the running by giving Iran a clean
bill of health from US intelligence and this week’s approval of a shipment of
nuclear fuel from Russia for Iran’s atomic reactor in Bushehr. Both the US and
Russian presidents declared that following this delivery, Iran had no further
need to develop its own uranium enrichment capabilities.

Losing patience with the lack of reciprocity from Tehran, Secretary Rice and Ambassador Schulte outlined the script which Washington expects Iran to follow. While Rice emphasized the potential rewards – and appealed for suspension rather than halting enrichment - Schulte stressed Iran must acknowledge that it had a
nuclear program up until 2003. “ And we’re looking for them to cooperate fully
with the agency in understanding their current activities.”

This was a warning that if Iran was shown to have resumed its weapons program after 2003,Washington would revise its intelligence estimate, bringing tough sanctions back into the foreground of the crisis.

At the same time, the Iranians may well interpret these statements as reflecting Washington’s despair of achieving much from its efforts for an accommodation before the Bush administration’s tenure runs out. This assessment would tend to toughen their bargaining position.


  1. Nice blog.

    I am all for replacing Condi; started saying that a while ago already.

    Her duplicity is just too transparent, and we Jews - the Jewish Lobby that people love to hate! -should be CLAMORING for her to go. She is acting against our interests, and is endangering Israel's survival with her actions.

  2. One more thing:

    I did not personally read where Condi actually stated that she was prevented from acting because of Sharon.

    But, if this is true, then it is one more reason to suspect that Sharon did not simply have a stroke, but was "helped" to have one ( I'll let you elaborate). He had to be eliminated because he was too powerful an obstacle.

    And now that he is gone, Condi, and all that she represents, can act.

    The question that bears asking is:

    Whom is she REALLY working for? She obviously disagrees with Bush, has a different agenda.

    Her agenda seems awfully similar to Tony Blair''s agenda, who just two days ago announced his conversion to Roman Catholicism.

    Condi was educated in a Roman Catholic high school in Denver. Could it be that she picked up her ideals there?? Could she really be working for the PAPACY and not for U.S. interests,, if even subconsciously?

    If that is the case, she definitely has to go.

    Just asking pointed questions.

  3. And the leak to Debka was totally unsourced and based on hostile leaking from the Vice President's office.

    There is no falling out between Bush and Rice. The report is complete bullshit, as is most of what one reads in Debka.

    She is no lone ranger and is carrying out Bush's policies. That's what no one here will admit.

  4. Democast, I did a little bit of research on Condi, and I came up with amazing information. Go check out my blog, Israel Truth Times. The last few entries are dedicated to Condi. As I suspected, she is an avowed JESUIT. That is why she stated that Sharon was in her way ( i.e. it is "good" that he was eliminated... just a skip and a jump away from congratulating the perpetrator!!).The Jesuits had a vested interest in getting rid of Sharon. Did they? There is a trail of crumbs similar to the crumbs left by Hansel and Gretel. If you follow them, you'll get to the source. See my article in the archives of "pushhamburger.com", ""The Machinations of the Vatican and Israel, 2006". Then YOU decide if they did it or not. But they are sure glad he is gone!!!

  5. Section 9,
    What's your source? What's your angle on Bush Cheney Rice? And Debka?

  6. DS,

    I highly recommend your Blogger site, IsraelTruthTimes, for insights into the Jesuits' and the Vatican's designs on the Holy Land, Israel.

    Would you please paraphrase their motivations?

  7. Democast, the real reason Condi is where she is : they chose her BECAUSE she is a Jesuit! It was all planned by the Masters in Rome. She was CHOSEN to be Secretary of State so she can carry out the plan of Rome. When she, secret Catholic Blair, and Olmert met November 4th in Jerusalem to plan the demise of the Yesha enterprise, it was all under the directions of the Pope. She is carrying out the Pope's command!!! No chance of dislodging her, I'm afraid.

  8. I am too tired, it is three AM, tomorrow I have to travel. I'll continue when I have time.But I got a long way ahead tonite!

    This is cooperation.

    I will write something to the effect of your questions on my blog, when I have some time. not tomorrow. Go check out the picture of the funeral of JP II. There is a caption there you should read.


  9. Democaster,

    Just to answer you briefly and summarize: the goal of the Jesuits is world domination, with the Pope ruling FROM JERUSALEM. THEY ARE ESAV PERSONIFIED. They want the blessing given to Jacob for themselves,for the Pope, for Rome, and are ready to murder, pillage, burn, torture, anything,in order to ROB the Jewish people of its G'd given inheritance.They will eliminate whoever is in their way. That very likely includes Sharon as well. There are clues to it.