BBC produces whitewash of "The Hijacking of British Islam" think-tank report

From Britain's Channel 4 News, Dean Godson (Research Director of think-tank Policy Exchange) discusses the findings from the new report "The Hijacking of British Islam" with Muslim Council of Britain's Assistant Secretary General, Inayat Bunglawala.

BBC Newsnight told a small story over a big one
The Telegraph by Charles Moore
Over the summer, Policy Exchange produced the most comprehensive report so far on the extent to which extremist literature is available in British mosques and Islamic institutions. It is called The Hijacking of British Islam.

Muslim undercover researchers visited nearly 100 mosques. In 26 of them, they found extremist material - titles such as Women Who Deserve to Go to Hell (for answering their husbands back), virulent insults of Jews and homosexuals, puritanical attacks on moderate Muslims, calls for the complete rejection of Western society etc.

It was a big story, and as I shall make clear, none of Newsnight's claims this week has diminished its dimensions.

The report made the front page of many newspapers, including this one. It was extensively covered everywhere - everywhere except for the entire national output of the BBC.

This was because of Newsnight. Thinking that such a report was a serious public issue that could advance well under the "flagship's" full mast and sail, Policy Exchange had originally offered it to Newsnight exclusively.

Newsnight's people were enthusiastic, but on the late afternoon of the intended broadcast, they suddenly changed their tune.

Policy Exchange had offered them many of the receipts it had collected from mosques as evidence of purchase; now they said that they had shown the receipts to mosques and that there were doubts about the authenticity of one or two of them.

Instead, view BBC Newsnight's production which they broadcast - an exploration of the receipts, avoiding the significance of the mosque-hate propaganda evidence.

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