Has Britain's own anti-Zionism / pro-Palestinianism neutered the bulldog against Islamism?

“Winston Churchill or Margaret Thatcher would never have put up with this nonsense. The SAS would already have been dispatched to free Gillian Gibbons,” noted one commentator. “The British today are doing precisely nothing.” "Many in the British press are aghast at the almost complete lack of reaction by the British Foreign Office over the outrageous jailing of British schoolteacher..."
Angry Khartoum protestors burn newspaper article on the penalization of British schoolteacher Gillian for allowing students to name a teddy bear Mohammed.

Meanwhile, Britain’s most popular newspaper, The Sun, notes on its website
at the present time that “ten thousand people, some carrying knives and sticks, have marched on the capital of Sudan calling for the teacher jailed for naming a teddy bear Mohammed to be shot.” The Sun is also urging people to “put a teddy in their window to show their support for Gillian.”

Some commentators, noting that the inaction over the teddy bear incident follows similar inaction after Iran kidnapped 15 British sailors several months ago, said “great” should now be dropped from the name Great Britain.
(Sources: Tom Gross in the National Review Online and The Daily Sun)

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