New-Year TV Presentation: "Israel, the Birth of a Nation"

Thank you in advance for your contribution, vital to illuminating the world in the critical new year.

DemoCast presents this special, TV documentary, "Israel - Birth of a Nation," produced for The History Channel, hosted by Sir Winston Churchill's biographer, Sir Martin Gilbert. Please enjoy the video (10 segments of approx 9 minutes) to begin the New Year with a refreshed understanding of Israel's founding and legitimacy.

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  1. Jerusalem Watchman views with alarm the public's vitriol about Israel's defending itself against the global Jihad.

    He draws parallels between how public perceptions of Jews were distorted in the 1930's by the Nazi propagandaists manipulating the media to dehumanize Jews; with how the international press has criminalized Israel.

    He writes:

    "It must have been something like this in Germany’s towns and cities by the time news began filtering through about what the final solution really meant, what the Nazis were doing to the Jews that had been rounded up, herded into ghettoes, then loaded on the transport trains for “resettlement” and “labor camps.”

    By then the media – Nazi influenced magazines, books, newspapers, movies – which carried the centuries of antisemitism that had gone before to their logical conclusion, had done its work. To the “ordinary” Germans the Jews had been thoroughly dehumanized. Killing them had become, if not obligatory to everyone, at least widely acceptable. There was no outcry of any effective significance from the Germans. They applauded, ignored, or chose to disbelieve what they heard their own countrymen were doing.

    Every day I get hate mail in my in tray; emails from antisemitic individuals who appear to sincerely believe that Israel’s Jews are an insidious, blood-thirsty people, a nation of war criminals who have murdered the Palestinian Arabs and stolen their land; who believe they have the right to pillage and destroy; who deliberately shoot and blow up men, woman and children; perpetrating massacres, penning people behind walls, formulating dark designs on peoples homes and lands.

    While individuals are, of course, responsible for their own choices and actions, journalists are largely to blame for the growing worldwide antipathy toward, and often downright hatred of, Israel, a great deal of which is sowed and nurtured by their bias and prejudice, not to mention the God-hating secular-humanist world view so many subscribe to.

    God-fearing men and women would be well advised not to take at face value news about Israel coming to them via secular media organs.

    Neither CNN or the BBC, not even Fox News will give them God’s perspective on the unfolding events in the Middle East."

    Read it all: