Reaffirming the independence of the democratic, Jewish state of Israel

Israel's 63 Independence Day was celebrated with a pageant on television - which featured an IDF choreographed marching team which conveyed concepts and icons of cultural significance. 

(Video courtesy Gechch2007 on YouTube)

At Israel's Herzliya Policy Conference '09, economist Daniel Doron spoke with us to convey the history of the establishment of the modern states of the Middle East, both Arab and Jewish, with details of Israel's legitimate founding and legal rights of the territory on which Jews reside.

Daniel Doron explains his concern for the safety of Jews in Judea and Samaria, and for the threat which a Palestinian state would pose at this time to the safety of Israel's citizens.

Finally, the orthodox Jewish movement, Aish, produced this music video of Zionist pride, "Israel, Wave Your Flag!" (Video courtesy of WeJew)

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