Former Federal prosecutor, John Loftus, uncovers "America's Nazi Secrets" to Holocaust survivors- including our hiring the Arab Nazi, Muslim Brotherhood to commission Osama bin Laden; Britain helped bequeath Nazism into Muslim world against state of Jews

John Loftus says the U.S. employed Euro and Arab Nazis (Muslim Brotherhood, Osama) against Russia and Israel. Author of "The Secret War Against the Jews," and "America's Nazi Secrets" addresses an audience of gathered Holocaust survivors (and their descendants) at L.A.'s Holocaust Remembrance Day on the topics of Ameican and British complicity in both financing of the Nazis (and Islamofascists) - and then arranging to provide safe harbor for escaping Nazi criminals to their countries.

The Justice Department, Mr. Loftus's research reveals, obstructed Congressional investigations, including concealing from 9/11 investigators the role of U.S.-recruited Arab Nazi war criminals, the Muslim Brotherhood, in recruiting modern, middle-eastern terrorist groups, the Mujahadeen. Muslim Brotherhood off-shoot, Hamas, is the Palestinian heir to the Nazi ideology of eradication of the Jews.

L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca (who testified at the House of Representatives' Homeland Security hearing on Muslim radicalization) sat on the dais, along with local elected officials, Mayor Villaraigosa, County Supervisor, Zev Yaroslavsky, and Councilman Paul Koretz.

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  1. john loftus,
    you have a wealth of information and apparently a good heart, and I love you, but you don't know how to tell a story --
    question: Is it arrogance or ignorance that prevents you from doing something about this tragic failing of yours?

    Bart Midwood
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