Israeli leaders and supporters overcome illiberal antagonism to educate at AIPAC Conference. But to where is Obama leading Netanyahu?

The annual Aipac Policy Conference is a forum that educates about competing narratives regarding the Israel-Palestine and Arab-Israeli conflict- both inside and outside the convention hall. DemoCast exposes far-leftists to be ill-informed agitators. Aipac takes the high-road to enable Israeli and Middle East experts to present their messages- with appreciation from those in attendance.

Caroline Glick opines in the Jerusalem Post:
Obama’s now undeniable antipathy for Israel and his apparent willingness to use his power as American president to harm Israel at the UN and elsewhere guarantee that for the duration of his tenure in office, Israel will face unprecedented threats to its security. This disturbing reality ought to focus the attention of all Israelis and of the American Jewish community. With the leader of the free world now openly siding with forces bent on Israel’s destruction, the need for unity has become acute.

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