Obama and Netanyahu to meet; each will address AIPAC Policy Conference; L.A. demonstrators reveal obstacles

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with President Barack Obama in Washington on Friday. Jewish-Americans gathering for the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington Sunday will be addressed by Pres. Obama on Sunday, then Prime Minister Netanyahu on Monday. Following meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah today, President Obama is renewing his pressing Israel to facilitate a state for Palestinian Arabs. But what kind of safety would a Palestinian sovereignty provide Jews - after a generation of irredentist Palestinian inculcation to liberate all former Mandate Palestine - sponsored by Islamist imperialists?

A small group of Zionistic Christians and Jews received and returned the vitriol cast by a Nakba rally comprised of Moslems, the far-left, and leftist Jewish Voice for Peace- staged outside the Israeli Consulate in L.A., on Sunday, May 15, 2011.

As DemoCast's news-video reveals, participants voiced their concerns about each-other's side and intentions. An Iranian Jewish refugee decries Islam's mistreatment of religious and cultural minorities. A Palestinian refugee bemoans the Arab refugees still yearning to return from refugee camps to their former homes, and curses the Jews who returned to Israel as a refuge for Jews.

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