Lessons of the preservation of Israeli sovereignty

Jacob Dayan addresses Holocaust Remembrance survivors on
panel with Mayor Villaraigosa & LA County Sheriff Lee Baca
World Jewry commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Day last week. Israel, the sovereign Jewish refuge, commemorates Israel Memorial Day on Monday May 9th. The events are intertwined with Israel's Independence celebration of May 10th. Israel's re-establishment stands as a testament to the potential for unchecked tyranny - and the need for a safe homeland against Hitler's never-deterred, Jew-hating partners of the Arab/Muslim world.

Jacob Dayan, outgoing Israeli Consul General to Los Angeles addressed the Holocaust Remembrance Day assembly on May 8, 2011.

Diplomats from Germany, Poland, & France stand
with survivors of their oppression - against current evils
Mr. Dayan said, "To the foreign diplomats attending: if you believe in human dignity, that people were born equal, and that you should do your utmost to prevent another holocaust, (attending diplomts) all of us here ask you to stand up with us. Please stand up Germany, Poland, Turkey, France! All of you here who represent your countries - nations of the free world - you have to stand-up against evil. It is your responsibility to prevent this horror again. Your responsibility to prevent future Hitlers and Ahmadinejad from destroying other people and other nations. Silence is not an option again.

The world should listen, learn, and act - to make sure that this crime will never again happen - neither to the Jewish people nor to any other people.

Yes, my friends, this is the power of our people, and this is power of our nation, Israel, the nation of the Jewish people that fights every day for every Jewish soul, all over the world- as we did from generation to generation. Because for us, the Jews, every hand has a name."

Beginning the night of Monday 9 May, Israel celebrates the commemoration of its independence. Israel stands as a testament against tyranny and the world's oldest hatred- anti-Semitism.

Memorial Day in Israel: 22,867 Fallen by Maayana Miskin (Israel National News)
A total of 22,867 IDF soldiers have fallen in battle or died during service over the course of Israel’s history. Over the past year 183 soldiers joined that list; most of the recent casualties died during their mandatory service, but not of causes specifically related to their military duties.

There are currently 4,999 women living in Israel who lost a husband to war, according to the Defense Minister. There are 2,543 Israeli children who lost a parent in service, and 3,252 couples and 4,315 individual parents who lost a child.

In total, 18,361 people are currently defined as bereaved relatives of the first degree, a number which does not include the siblings of fallen soldiers.

On Sunday evening, a siren will sound at 8 pm to commemorate the fallen. Israelis across the country will stand in silence. After the siren, official memorial ceremonies will begin, including the central ceremony, to be held at the Western Wall (Kotel). President Shimon Peres and IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz will attend.

A second siren blast will sound the next morning. The main daytime event will be held at the Har Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem, and will be attended by Peres and by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Memorial Day also commemorates civilians murdered by terrorists. A total of 2,443 Israeli civilians have been murdered by terrorists since 1950; 13 were killed over the course of the past year.

Independence Day ceremony torch-lighters represent the essence of Israel  (Israel National News)
Some of the Israelis who were chosen to light Independence Day torches shared their emotions and revealed their warm personalities when they spoke with Arutz Sheva yesterday.

Rabbi Shimon Rosenberg - whose daughter and son-in-law, Rivki and Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, were murdered in Mumbai - will be accompanied by his grandson Moishie when he lights the torch. He spoke of his feelings and those of Moishie.

Arutz Sheva also heard Gadi Bashari, founder of an organization that funds activities for soldiers, disabled children and new immigrants; Col. (res.) Hoshe Friedman, head of a pre-military academy; Orit Dror, who donated her son's organs and saved the life of a 13-year-old girl; Holocaust survivor and Eichmann guard Michael Goldman, and Matityahu Droblas, former head of Settlement Department of the World Zionist Histadrut.

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