Multi-culturalists react to Saudi's plan to erect castle / mosque in their Beverly Hills neighborhood

Walmart-scale, Islamic center planned to be erected in quiet, residential neighborhood. As large as the Griffith Observatory, the proposed Benedict Canyon palace "will make Playboy Mansion look like a bungalow," according to L.A. Weekly blogger Dennis Romero.  The local neighbors (super-agent Michael Ovitz lives nearby) have activated an initiative, Save Benedict Canyon, to try to convince the L.A. Planning Commission to halt the project. L.A.'s KTLA Ch. 5 News' Jamie Chambers shows the neighbors' resistance:

"al-Beverly Hills 90210: Liberal Hollywood Neighbors Oppose Saudi Mega-Mansion/Mosque" by Debbie Schlussel:

It’s always entertaining when rich Hollywood liberals, who normally support all things Muslim, get a taste of it in their own neighborhood. In this case, a Los Angeles neighborhood of 10,000 square foot homes is enduring construction of an 80,000 square foot Saudi palace–a nice foothold for Islam in chi-chi-land, which certainly contains a mosque (or two). And I just love the description of the Saudi prince, Mansour Al-Fustok–brother in law of King Abdullah, who likely has a gazillion wives and even more concubines, as “a single dad with sons.” Indeed.

You have to read the report below, as the video only gives a tiny sliver of the story, and you can bet, as is the case with most stately Saudi homes, there will be a mosque inside. Now, this neighborhood, or at least the 80,000 square foot compound, once it is built, will be Islamic land. And you know what they saY about Dar Al-Islam. Once it’s Muslim, it’s always Muslim, and they fight to keep it from going any other way.
They hired attorneys and are petitioning local law makers to put the project — roughly the size of the Griffith Observatory — on hold.

The proposed home on Tower Lane is being built on a 5.2 acre lot purchased for $12 million by a company owned by a member of the Saudi royal family.

Mansour Fustok, brother-in-law of King Abdullah, is listed on city planning documents as the president of Tower Lane Properties, which owns the land and has already begun the process of construction on the home.

The project cannot move forward until it is approved by the city. It is scheduled to be presented to the planning commission on April 14.
So, when these liberals–you can bet these residents voted mostly for Barack Obama–realize there’s a mosque and a not-so-high-class brothel, er . . . harem down the street, I wonder if they’ll be preaching their usual “tolerance,” “multi-culturalism,” and “diversity” that usually comes with their mention of Muslims.

Don’t bet on it.

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