Former US Defense Sec'y Donald Rumsfeld memoirs resonate for Hollywood patriot, Ed Ames

The David Horowitz Freedom Center presented a conversation with former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld at its monthly Wednesday Breakfast Club in Los Angeles on 16 March '11. Secretary Rumsfeld is currently promoting his new book, "Known and Unknown: A Memoir."

Although the event was closed to press, the famed TV & Broadway star, Ed Ames ("Daniel Boone," "The Fantasticks") attended and relates exclusively with DemoCast.TV his impressions from Mr. Rumsfeld's conversation with Mr. Horowitz.

Mr. Ames relates that while he didn't recall the subject of Israel's security needs arising in the talk, he believes that Mr. Rumsfeld is conscious of America's reciprocal defense alliance with Israel, a vulnerable democracy surrounded by Islamist antagonism.

Mr. Ames echoes Mr. Rumsfeld's concern that Obama-era leftists are distorting the narrative about America's defense against Jihadism to a degree that gives the Jihadists a front within America.

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