Iran counters CNN alleging Islam's benignity with incitement for jihad obligation - overthrow US-backed-gov'ts, annihilate Israel, & expedite Islamic rule over entire world

CNN produced and aired their special "Unwelcome: Muslims Next Door" alleging the benignity of Muslims and Islam, and Islamophobia on the part of Tennesseeans opposing a large new mosque proposed in Murfreesboro. Unwelcome attempts to downplay aspects of Islam which are illiberal, political, and a threat to non-Muslims in sanctioning Muslims to conduct jihad / "holy war" to conquer governments to install Islamic rule over all.

(Video courtesy of UmmahstreamEntire video viewable on Amado2k10 Channel on YouTube

Erick Stakelbeck of CBN News announced the release of Iran's video representing their propagandizing effort to inspire global Muslims to act in jihad against Western interests to expedite the emergence of the Messiah / Mahdi.
New evidence has emerged that the Iranian government sees the current unrest in the Middle East as a signal that the Mahdi--or Islamic messiah--is about to appear. CBN News has obtained a never-before-seen video produced by the Iranian regime that says all the signs are moving into place -- and that Iran will soon help usher in the end times.

While the revolutionary movements gripping the Middle East have created uncertainty throughout the region, the video shows that the Iranian regime believes the chaos is divine proof that their ultimate victory is at hand.

The propaganda footage has reportedly been approved at the highest levels of the Iranian government.

It's called The Coming is Near and it describes current events in the Middle East as a prelude to the arrival of the mythical tweflth Imam or Mahdi -- the messiah figure who Islamic scriptures say will lead the armies of Islam to victory over all non-Muslims in the last days.

"This video has been produced by a group called the Conductors of the Coming, in connection with the Basiji -- the Iranian paramilitary force, and in collaboration with the Iranian president's office," said Reza Kahlil, a former member of Iran's Revolutionary Guards who shared the video with CBN News.

Mr. Kahlili, author of the book, A Time to Betray, worked as a double agent for the CIA inside the Iranian regime.

"Just a few weeks ago, Ahmadenijad's office screened this movie with much excitement for the clerics," Kahlili told CBN News. "The target audience is Muslims in the Middle East and around the world."

Does a Hojjatieh secret society run Iran? from Iran Dispatch
Hojjatieh Society is a Shia sect, founded in Tehran in 1953 by Shaikh Mahmoud Halabi. The organization was founded to fight against another newly established Shia sect, Baha’i faith. Hojjatieh members share this idea with other Shiite Muslims that the Mahdi (the 12th Imam) will return and will rid the world of wrongdoing, injustice and tyranny. But they believe to hasten the return of the Mahdi, they should quicken the coming of the apocalypse by creating chaos and disorder.
Iran Leaders: The Coming is Upon Us – Israel Shall be Destroyed! (Watch the Video)

Translation by Reza Kahlili from A Time to Betray
According to the Hadith in the age of The Coming, a revolution takes place in Iran. This is a key sign indicating that the reappearance is near and serves as the initial preparation in the worldwide movement for The Coming of the last Messiah. Based on this belief, the leaders of Iran see it as their duty to prepare the ground for The Coming. One of the most important events to securing the reappearance of the last Messiah, as called for in the Hadith, is the annihilation of Israel and conquering Beitol Moghadas (Jerusalem). They state with conviction that Islam will soon conquer the world and all infidels will be destroyed.

The pursuit of nuclear bombs by the radicals ruling Iran is directly connected to this belief, as war, chaos, and lawlessness must engulf the world to pave the way for Imam Mahdi’s reappearance.
The liberal bias and divisiveness CNN promotes through shows like Unwelcome or Christiane Amanpour's "God's Holy Warriors" (or their coverage of the Arab/Palestinian/Israeli conflict) incites extremist pro-Islam, anti-Jewish, or anti-Christian militancy among some on the Left, such as this:

American with connection to Mahdi - threatens Rep. Eric Cantor & family

FBI charges anti-Semitic nutball with threats against GOP Rep. Cantor & family; “…you receive my bullets in your office, remember they will be placed in your heads.” by Michelle Malkin • March 28, 2010
... In or about late March, 2010, Norman Leboon created and then transmitted a YouTube video to Google over the internet, in which he threatened to kill Congressman Cantor and his family.

A search for “Norman LeBoon” on YouTube yields some bizarro stuff — including this channel where a Norman LeBoon claims to be a Shia Muslim who is the 12th imam and this video where other Muslims angry at LeBoon refute his Mahdi claim. The affidavit (reprinted below) notes that LeBoon has admitted to making more than 2,000 videos with threats.
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