Itamar massacre: the result of culture of hatred, by Fiamma Nirenstein

Israel buries Fogel family parents Rabbi Udi & Ruth and
their 3 children, Yoav,11, Elad, 4, and daughter 
Hadas, 3 months, slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists

Slain Family Laid to Rest in Jerusalem

. . . Responsibility for the attack is claimed by the “moderate” side of the Palestinian political spectrum, the Brigades of Al Aqsa, the armed branch of Fatah, founded by Marwan Barghouti. Word has it that a meeting has also been held in Khartoum by members of Hamas and sundry Muslim Brothers, attended by Palestinians, Egyptians, Tunisians and even English people: they supposedly coordinated a large-scale international plan for Islamic terrorist attacks to be headed by Iran, the primary target of which would be Israel.

The background to the attack carried out the other night is on one side that of the revolution occurring in the surrounding Arab countries, and on the other side that of the most traditional form of hatred. The leadership of Abu Mazen and Fayyad is in a state of alarm, which led both of them to adopt aggressive, unwavering attitudes toward Israel in a bid to win over the masses who are threatening their power on Internet and out in the streets. They call Abu Mazen the slave of Israel and of the Americans and their campaign has been dominated by the call for unity with Hamas. 

The social networks act as a sounding board, praising the “resistance” and rejecting any peace projects, including the largely unknown new interim project which Netanyahu intends presenting at Washington to facilitate a return to the negotiation table. At any rate, Abu Mazen and Fayyad have already said they are not interested. 

They also issued indignant denials of stories revealed in the "Palestinian papers", which actually only stated that negotiations were underway with Olmert’s government. Current opinion has it that to be a pure and real Palestinian, you cannot be involved in negotiations and therefore they deny any evidence, even of speaking with the Israeli. As a matter of fact, the Palestinians have no intention of negotiating for "two States for two people": to them, Palestine is a single entity that includes Israel.

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