Libyan lady raped by Kadaffi's police demonstrates how Arab press-managers manipulate everything you are told or shown about the Arab-Israeli conflict

photo of eman al-obeidy
Libyan rape-victim, Eman al-Obeidy, exposed
 Arab manipulation of press

Lisa Holland, foreign affairs correspondent for Sky News writes Tripoli Shock: Minders Snatch 'Rape Victim':
We were having breakfast in our hotel when the woman broke in and said she'd been picked up at a checkpoint in the city.

The woman was gagged by hand and taken away by minders

She claimed she had been held for two days, and that she had been raped and tortured.

The woman showed marks on her body which she said she had received as a result of beatings by the people who were holding her, Gaddafi supporters.

She showed marks on her legs and on her wrists, which she suggested came from handcuffs.

In a state of great distress, she said she had suffered this beating because she was from Benghazi, the city where the uprising began in the east of the country.

As journalists tried to speak to her, things got out of control and the police minders waded in, trying to physically shut her up and stop her talking.

Hers is not the voice they want heard in this country. In the commotion a gun was pointed towards the Sky News team in an attempt to stop them filming.

A team from CNN had their camera smashed in front of them.

After about 15 minutes the woman was dragged outside the hotel and put into a waiting car.

As I tried to get in the way, a minder put his hand over the woman's mouth to stop her talking.

She was driven away at speed and we have no idea where she was taken. Her story could not be immediately verified, but the scene provided glimpse of the atmosphere in the city.

Government officials initially said they knew nothing about this woman, although another official later added the woman's mental health would be assessed.
Now that you've seen the true ugly head of Arab press-handlers, imagine the gov't henchmen breaking the arms of domestic stringer journalists for international news agencies if they dare vary from any fabrication the Arab gov't wants to convince the world of. That's how what you've been told about Palestine has been shaped. (That Palestinian Arabs are a nation who's land is being occupied by Israelis- and Israel perpetrates atrocities conventionally, and that if only Israel would give them their own state & army & pull Jews away, then the Palestinians would stop slaughtering innocent Israeli children in their cradles and live happily alongside of Israel). Try to re-think everything you've been told that came out of Palestine (or the complict reporters hoteling in East Jerusalem) regarding the Palestinian - Israeli governments - and their roles - and how a State will be a panacea for the region and the world. In fact, it's just the opposite.

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