'Latin American media exploit anti-Israelism to pave alliances with Iran for missiles against America'- Pastor Jim Tolle

Blue-eyed Christian Pastor Jim "Jaime" Tolle of Los Angeles' Church on the Way ministers to many Hispanics. He characterizes Hispanic perceptions of Israel as mis-shaped by Catholic theology, preachers, and a journalist / media culture of pro-Palestinian/ anti-Zionist bias. Latin America is rife politico-religious pro-Arab / anti-Israel bigotry.

Pastor Tolle recognizes that anti-Semitism is a proven effective tool for government to manipulate political affairs. By demonizing Israel vis a vis Palestinians, Latin leaders build support for embracing Israel's enemies, such as Iran, whom leaders like Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is embracing for business and military cooperation- such as domiciling 'defensive' Iranian missiles aimed at North America - as a strategic deterrent to U.S. challenging Islamist-expansionist Iran's nuclear weapons proliferation and moves to spread Iranian domination over the Middle East.

Pastor Tolle mentions some Hispanic leaders with favorable positions regarding Israel. He reaches out religiously to counter traditional anti-Jewish preaching within Roman Catholic culture.

In this exclusive, original video, Pastor Tolle delivers a secular correction of misconceptions about Israel's true nature and role as the only bastion for freedom from oppression and persecution in the Middle East. At the conclusion, he directs his remarks in Spanish for a Spanish-speaking audience.

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