The Palestinian leap toward statehood is not only pre-mature; it is immature

(YNet Op/Ed author Moshe Dann is an historian, writer and journalist living in Jerusalem).  The Palestine question
As the Fatah Revolutionary Council, the ruling PLO authority in the West Bank and President Abbas declared: "No to Israel as a Jewish state, no to interim borders, no to land swaps."

Israel's response is reminiscent of its firefighting abilities; too little and too late. "This doesn't help the peace process," Israeli diplomats moaned. Well, of course not; the Palestinians are not now and never have been interested in a "peace process" that would deny them their basic goal – Israel's destruction.

Palestinian actions are not the result of a lack of US involvement, but because misguided, biased US intervention raised false hopes and illusions that Israel could be subdued.

President Obama's policies brought the realization of this dream closer, gathering world opinion against Israel and delegitimizing the Jewish state.

The Palestinian leap toward statehood is not only premature; it is immature. Whatever the outcome, it will not change the reasons for past failures.

Smoldering Palestinian fires will continue to erupt as long as arsonists are at work; Israeli firefighters need to understand not only how to put them out, but why they occur.
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