There's something rotten in Sweden - legislating to boost cultural Jihad over Swedish culture

"Scandalous constitution passed in Sweden" by Cavatus
The new Swedish constitution was passed in the Swedish parliament last week.  A conclusion of the three most important items is:
Membership in the EU is from now constitutional. A withdrawal will imply yet another change of the constitution, which is more complicated and takes longer time (one voting before and one voting after a general election).
The multiculturalism is from now constitutional. It is now imperative to financially support ethnic, cultural and religious groups with the taxpayers’ money. A disastrous policy is cemented.
The significance of the Swedish citizenship is undermined when foreigners are broadly placed on an equal footing with Swedish citizens and thus enjoy the same rights. On top of this there will no longer be any insistence on Swedish citizenship for positions of sensible nature, which implies that foreigners are allowed to have the positions that are structurally important for the society.

Western Civilization activist Pat Condell observes how Swedish liberals have legislated away their national identity to accommodate misogynistic, anti-Semitic, thuggery from Muslims.

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