When leaders neglect 9/11, patriotic citizens pony-up to fill public demand, staging 9/11 Memorial Tribute; Accuse gov't leaders of neglecting civic responsibility over paralyzing stigma of 'Islamophobia'

Los Angeles' primary 9/11 memorial of 2010 was organized not by the county or city, but by San Fernando Valley Patriots' coordinator, Karen Kenney, at the Van Nuys Fire Station. She presented a memorial for the victims of the World Trade Center attacks of 2001 at the fire station which, as the first Californian responders to travel to join the NYC rescue effort, was rewarded with a remnant of the fallen towers, which is displayed in a memorial statue in front of the Sepulveda Boulevard station-house. Batallion Chief Jerry Mallay offers a special, "10-bells" tribute to the intrepid, fallen firefighters. Letters from the victims families were read in a dramatic reminder of the West's obligation to oppose and defeat the Islamist revolution.

Ms. Kenney calls for federal state, and city leaders to commemorate the events of 9/11 by declaring it an official day of mourning - and to assume responsibility to provide memorial activities for the public.

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