Vice-Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon to Americans: Why cede strategic territory when Palestinians & Muslims continue goal to "liberate" Israel from Jews?

'Let's end this 'peace' facade until the Palestinian Authority will stop opposing Israel'- Israel's Vice-Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon addresses Christians & Jews at Sinai Temple in L.A.

Israel's Vice-Prime Minister, Lt. General Boogie Ya'alon addresses an audience of Zionistic Christians and Jews at Sinai Temple on Sunday 5 December.

Vice-Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon explains how Palestinian Authority actions belies their unpreparedness and unwillingness to live peacefully alongside Israel. Lt. Gen Ya'alon contends how creating a sovereign Palestinian Arab state at this stage of unpreparedness would constitute a victory for global Jihadism, contrary to Western interests, which seeks to "liberate" Israel from Jews.

Ya'alon's appearance was organized by Alliance 4 Jerusalem and Israel-Christian Nexus.

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