Jon Voight to Obama: Stop giving our enemies the idea that we are weakened in any way

Oscar-winner, social activist, Jon Voight, asserts that now is the time for the free world to come together in a show of strength, not apology, for America's allies having defended Muslim peoples from oppression.

Carving a hostile, Palestinian state out of Israel in hopes of appeasing the Muslim world sworn against her, Voight cautions, will make the West appear weak and embolden its Islamist enemies, just as Israel's de-occupying Gaza in '05 proved.

Mr. Voight appeared at the premiere of the 2009 Israel Film Festival in Hollywood, where Diane Warren, Robert Lantos, and John Fishel received honors. Mr. Voight presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Auschwitz survivor Branko Lustig for his work in such films as Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Black Hawk Down, Fiddler on the Roof, and Schindler's List.

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