Iranian-American brothers act-out ruthlessness of Islamist axis (Iran, Hezbollah, Palestine) on American street

Los Angeles' Iran Solidarity Rally was shocked and stirred Monday evening by a guerilla street-theater performance by 2 sons of immigrants who acted out the ruthless brutality that the Islamic Republic of Iran metes to civil rights demonstrators.

Brothers Reza and Mohammed Mostahi demonstrated some of their Santa Monica College-learned cosmetology skills in creating a horror scene for a stunned crowd of fellow Iranian-Americans and Iranian refugees.

The Tehran-born brothers' performance inspired jeers of, "Down with Islamic Republic," and "Down with Hezbollah" - referring to the regime's puppet terrorist group that they imported to brutalize election-fraud protestors into intimidation.

According to the L.A. demonstrators, the theocratic Islamic Republic of Iran funds Islamist ideologues Hezbollah (meaning "Party of God") and Palestinian Hamas (sworn to conquer Israel). Sensing that Iranian police might hesitate to sufficiently intimidate fellow Persians , the Ayatollahs imported ruthless Muslim Arabs thugs from Palestine to increase the brutality against Persians seeking relief from Islamic totalitarianism.

Four of Democracy Broadcasting's reports of Iranians exposing Islamist ruthlessness over the past 3 days have been recognized by by CNN's broadcasting them. DemoCast is proud of the recognition - as a vital source in covering Islamist counter-humanism for over four years.

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