Iran refugees demand human-rights in Iran; Torture-victim & siblings call for regime change to thwart int'l Islamist juggernaut

Over 1,000 Iranian-Americans rallied in front of L.A.'s Federal Building on Saturday afternoon/evening in solidarity with the Iranian rebellion . They called for the West's political and moral support for the popular movement seeking to change the Islamic regime to a secular one.

Among the attendees were siblings from the Mohammadi Family- politcal-prisoner victims of the 1999 Tehran University crackdown in which brothers Akbar and Manoucher Mohammedi - were jailed and tortured (in Akbar's case -tortured to death) by the ruthless Islamic regime:

Mohammadi sisters Nasrin and Simie (jailed along with her father) help put the regime's oppression of human-rights in context.

Torture-victim, brother Manoucher Mohammedi (translated by Vida Fathi) calls for American support for the people's rebellion against the Ayatollahs' regime - which U.S. President Jimmy Carter helped to enable.

Iranian-Americans, Mr. Farid Farhan and Mr. Jacob (last name withheld)explain that the overthrow of the Ayatollah's Islamic regime would effectively "cut-off the head of the snake of global terrorism." This would end global terrorism from the world's primary facilitator of the global terror networks- including al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Taliban.

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