Americans demonstrate solidarity for Israel - civilization's sanctuary in the Middle-East

Hundreds of thousands of Americans made a public display of their support for the Zionist (i.e., Jewish national refuge) State of Israel on Sunday, the 31st of May 2009 up New York's Fifth Avenue.

Given the displays of anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism so pervasive in anti-war, far-leftist, and pro-Palestinian demonstrations, this parade provides a breath of "miner's canary" air - of a climate that permits safe display staging of such a public demonstration of Judaism and pro-Zionism.

Our on-location video reportage of the Salute to Israel 2008 Parade reveals the strength and diversity of Americans supporting the Jewish national homeland.

The parade provides an insight into the true core values of Jewish and Israeli culture - and its struggle to maintain its identity under fire from antagonists.

Also, watch the parade's history and the behind the scenes look:

New York's Jewry comprises the largest Jewish population of this embattled people outside of Israel. Given (the only sanctuary for minorities' rights in the Middle East) Israel's significance at the vanguard against global Jihad - a terrorizing campaign which NY'ers know first-hand, broadcast TV stations deny public audiences equivalent televised coverage of the Israel Parade that they gladly provide to the Irish St. Patrick's Day or even the Puerto Rican Day parades.

The history re-writing far-left and Islamist jihadists (led by Jewish convert to Islam, Yousef al Khattab - publisher of an online guide to terror-attack the Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters) repugnantly propagandized in full force for photo-journalists and their anti-Zionist blogosphere.

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