Patriots challenge subversives' anti-Israel message: 'In restoring democracy from Jihadist regimes like Hamas, Israel is America's greatest ally in the frontlines against the 'War on Terror'

Several hundred Americans welcomed the New Year by turning-out to challenge subversive agitation at the 'anti-Israel / pro-Palestine' demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy in Los Angeles on Friday, January 2nd.

Longtime human-rights activist, Ted Hayes, Jr., who is African-American, affirms that global, neo-Communist / Islamist axis' anti-Israel rallies are organized to destabilize public support for combating enemies of freedom (i.e., their autocratic, revolutionary-movements) through the propaganda tactic of demonizing freedom-crusaders, Israel and America. The isolation and conquest of the Judeo-Christian State of Israel would represent a victory for the enemies of democracy, advancing the power shift towards themselves - Communism and philo-Islamism globally.

Entire video plays only 9 min 19 sec. (not 11:40)

In this video news report, a variety of patriotic Christian and Jewish-Americans defy the Israel-bashers' vitriol to explain that Israel is allied with America in fighting the global 'War Against Islamic Terror.' Consistent with defending human liberties, they feel that the West should support Israel's self-defensive initiative, and disregard the 'disproportionate-response' media-propaganda aimed at pre-empting theo-terrorist, Hamas-regime's defeat.

There is a poignant interview with Mrs. Cindy Freeman-Thompson, the proud mother of American girl, Katie Freeman, 22, of Calabasas who enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces ("IDF") to help defend freedom for the world. Katie serves as an Army bomb-sniffing-dog handler to detect dangerous explosives. (4:35 point).

She introduces us to (6:30 point) Dylan Coren, 18, son of an American father and an Israeli-American mother, currently planning to leave his comfort and safety in America to join the Israeli commandos.

His mission: "To protect Israel, to protect the Jewish people. I love Israel- it's the homeland for the Jews. We can always be there - so the Holocaust will never happen again - or nothing like that.  Judaism- and the continuation of it.  I'm prepared to fight - and die - for Israel."

"The rockets they're sending into Israel, all this terrorism ... We (Jews) need to stick-up for ourselves. We need to say, 'No more ... no more. No more terrorists, no more killing Israeli children, no more killing Israeli anybody. It's enough of it. It's time to defend ourselves."

Mrs. Freeman-Thompson added, "Some things are worth fighting and dying for. Our freedom, and our land, and our people, and Israel - is worth it. And that's why we're proud of Dylan Coren, and we're proud of my daughter."

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