Howard Stern comic taunts racist mobs of fascists & Islamists mollifying West against resisting Islamist domination

An unholy alliance between Islamists and Communist/Marxist groups demonstrated their disdain for democracy in a raucus, hate-filled demonstration before the Israeli Embassy in Los Angeles on Friday evening, 2 January 2009. What was called to be a protest against Israeli challenges to Hamas' terror leadership and infrastructure - actually manifested as an anti-American, anti-Semitic demonstration of hate.

Under their banners of swastikas, unruly Islamist-supremacists ascended traffic light poles to raise the flags of terrorist movements, Hamas & Hezbollah flags over American streets, thumbing their noses in defiance of the formidable Los Angeles Police Department commands to take-them down and descend.

As the counter-jihad demonstration across Wilshire Boulevard dissipated, an expeditious Islamist gang crossed over to assert primacy over the opposing turf and counter-rally'ers. But a vigilant, few remaining Jewish-Americans stood boldly against their provocations. Former Los Angeles mayoral candidate, "Melrose" Larry Green (with little protection beyond a couple from Beitar) vociferously denounced the hate-filled antagonists, defiantly mocking their rabid anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism.

Note at the 1 1/2 minute point, the Muslims' provocative foray onto the Jewish side of the street.

This occurred after the press from the mainstream media departed. Only DemoCast.TV news video documented the events- another DemoCast.TV video exclusive.


  1. You are the problem. You exacerbate the divide. Your cite is no better than the terrorism you decry.

  2. You are an idiot and coward, anonymous #1. The divide is already there, you just rather bury your head in sand and accept eventually members of your family wearing burka rather than confronting the culture that wants to subjugate you. You are lucky that the majority is not idiots and cowards.

    How about one way ticket to Gaza?

  3. You're a Judeo-Nazi, and not long from now you'll be in a work camp in Lebanon disposing of cluster bombs. Fuck Israel.