Radio's Dennis Prager denounces leftist Jews enlisting Obama to interfere in Israel's survival & self-defense

Despite a weak track-record on understanding the threat of Jihad against the West and Israel, Sen. Barack Obama carried the Jewish American vote against Sen. John McCain, by a 3 to 1 margin.

Since Iran-funded Hamas has revealed its ruthless, 'creating Palestinian civilian casualties aids our Holy War against the Jews' nature, radio commentator Dennis Prager wonders how the will the incoming, leftist/Palestinian-ally President Barack Obama intervene - for or against the global Islamist movement, opposing Western civilization?

Who voted for him - and what were they hoping for? What influence should the secular, American-Jewish Left have over the defense of the land that God bequeathed to the nation of Israel in the Bible?

Mr. Prager directed these remarks at the annual convention of the Orthodox (Jewish) Union, Western Region in December. He also will lecture tonight, Tuesday, 13 January in Westlake Village, California.


  1. hi there!...Prager rocks!..I love that man and have quoted him often!..ty so much for the vis to WHT!..come more often..will go vote for ya ASAP!:)

  2. Thanks for posting this. Prager, with such grace and clarity, explains what has been so puzzling to me.

  3. Has anybody who has heard his speech in Westlake Tuesday evening care to comment?