Liberal press installs its first President -- and re-vilifies its perennial pariah

Al-Durah lessons lost.  By regurgitating unverified 'Pallywood' pictures and statistics to fulfill their mutual agenda (vilify the Jews) is the mainstream media complicit with Hamas in killing Palestinian civilians?

The IDF Spokesperson's Office shares intelligence- map evidence of how Hamas exploits the civilians of the Gaza strip as human shields.  Here are two aerial photographs which illustrate how Hamas deploys rocket launchers within densely populated areas in the Gaza strip, next to schools, mosques and medical facilities.  Residential buildings are used as arms depots and rigged with explosive charges, without any consideration given to potential civilian casualties.

Hamas views their cause of Jihad to conquer Jerusalem (and ethnically cleanse Jews out of Israel, as they did out of Gaza) for the honor of Allah - as justification for their strategy of provoking civilian casualties for media vilification of Israel. This creates international pressure on Israel to accomodate Palestinians for peace, while exacting hundreds of millions of unaccountable "humanitarian" aid into Palestinian discretionary accounts - appropriable toward advancing the Jihad imperialist offensive.

The media have represented Israel's defensive action - to protect its civilians - out of context.  Hamas has foresworn itself to eradicate Jewish self-governance in Israel, and has incited scores of acts of murderous terror - killing more than 1,000 civilians, through such means as the inhumane, kamikaze, suicide-bombings phenomenon.  Israeli civilians have been the victim of over 3,000 of Hamas' terrorizing rocket attacks since it disengaged from Gaza over 3 years ago.  Southern Israel communities have been terrorized and traumatized by Hamas' guerilla strategy to attack Israeli civilians. 

The first few videos demonstrate Hamas' war-crime of initiating attacks from civilian areas to provoke Israeli retaliatory strikes that generate valuable, civilian-casualties for strategic propaganda benefit.  Boston University Professor Richard Landes (of The Augean Stables) speaks by telephone with Arutz Sheva's Tovia Singer - regarding the Palestinian "Pallywood" PR policy of fabrication and dishonesty in staging fake images of Palestinian civilian casualties, victimization, and suffering for the intimidated, complicit press. This was exposed and exemplified by the debunked Mohammed al-Durah affaire during the intifada (on the Second Draft.org).

The next few videos demonstrate the utter lack of integrity of Hamas (and its tacit United Nations enablers).  Arab YouTubers' hidden videos show the savagery of theocratic Hamas' thuggery towards ordinary Palestinian civilians (which the human-rights hypocrites uttered not a word in protest- simply because that violence was not being done by Jews - even in self-defense).  Yes, the media is once again (and not unwittingly) peddling unreliable, Palestinian fakery without (besides the complicit, Palestinian-biased U.N., Amnesty Int'l, and Human Rights Watch) truly independent verification - and the unwitting public is again swallowing Arafat's apostles' "gospel."

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