"How free is the University" symposium exposes leftist prejudice endemic throughout academia

"How Free is the University" symposium at University of Southern California. American Freedom Alliance's team (headed by Avi Davis) organized prominent experts and academics to address a growing antipathy toward anything or anyone in Western academic institutions not subscribing to a liberal political-worldview. This includes faculty, administration, and students, all of which were represented at the symposium, including Middle East Forum Dr. Daniel Pipes, The Investigative Project's Steven Emerson, radio personalities Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, MEMRI Executive Director, Yigal Carmon; ZOA's attorney in UCI anti-Semitism case, Susan Tuchman, Campus Watch's Cinnamon Stillwell, and Freedom Center's, David Horowitz.

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First picture: Dr. Daniel Pipes, Dennis Prager, Dr. Yigal Carmon.
Panels: Adam Kissel, Thor Halvorssen, Anne Neal, Dennis Prager, Moderator: Larry Greenfield.
Peter Wood, E. Christian Kopff, Rick Sander, Patrick Deneen
Moderator: Leila Beckwith.
Ed Morgan, Sharon Browne, Kenneth Marcus. Moderator: Hugh Hewitt.
Reut Cohen, Jonathan Willbanks, Chris Kulawick, Jonathan Movroydid Moderator: Alex McCobin.
Afternoon Keynote Address: Can a University Be Bought? Hugh Hewitt, Anne Neal; Steven Emerson
Foreign Funding and Foreign Influence: Hugh Hewitt, Rachel Fish, David Jones; Daniel Pipes.
Anne Neal, Peter Wood, Sharon Browne, Patrick Deneen, John Carroll: Adam Kissel.
Cinnamon Stillwell, David Horowitz, Kenneth Marcus, Leila Beckwith; Daniel Pipes.
Ed Morgan, Rachel Fish; Matt Grossman, Susan Tuchman, Steve Emerson; Roberta Seid. Alex McCobin, Matt Schrader, Jonathan Gelbart, Reut Cohen, Chris Kulawick.

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