Holy War explained by Israeli Arabist- 'Islam is supremacist; crusading to establish Muslim domination over others; Jewish state, Christianity

Israel National News' Gil Ronen has an excellent follow-up interview with al-Jazeera Zionist upstart, Prof. Mordechai Kedar, a political scientist from Israel's Bar Ilan University.

Commenting on his TV interview that has received rave reviews from Israel-lovers the world because of its forcefulness, Bar Ilan University political scientist Dr. Mordechai Kedar responded to the al-Jazeera interviewer's chiding about Jerusalem on live television:

"We were here (Jerusalem) when your (Muslim) forefathers were drinking wine, burying their daughters alive, and worshipping idols!"

"They did not expect me to take the discussion to history and especially not to religion," Kedar told Israel National News. But discuss religion he did in the above video, reminding his interviewer that Jerusalem was not mentioned even once in the Koran and saying directly, in fluent Arabic, that, "Jerusalem is not on the negotiating table," and that "Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, period."

"This was very aggravating" for the Al-Jazeera interviewer, Kedar explained, "because in the Islamic view, Islam came into the world to replace Judaism and Christianity, not to live side by side with them. And here, all of a sudden, the Jews are coming from exile and building their state again and (G-d forbid) they also regained Jerusalem!"

Judaism is thus regaining its meaning, and Islam is challenged by this, the Bar-Ilan professor explained. "The mere existence of the State of Israel and the fact that we are in Jerusalem is some kind of challenge to the legitimacy of Islam in their eyes," Kedar explained.

Prof. Kedar's story runs from 1:55 to 6:37 of the video program.

The Miriam-Webster Dictionary clarifies the misconception that 'propaganda' equates lying. It defines propaganda as: "the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person," and "ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect."

Prof. Kedar feels that Israel is losing the media war because the government failed to prioritize the value of arguing its case directly around the globe.

"This is not hasbara. This is a battle. A battle for the Arab heart. Which Israel, apparently, is losing because Israel gave up on the main tool which would have served it in this battle: which is an independent, Israeli, Zionist Satellite Channel in Arabic. This is a very hard battle. However, there are many Arabs who would listen to Israelis and would consider, maybe, changing their views- and they are not carried away by Arab propaganda."

DemoCast's original coverage of Prof. Kedar's al-Jazeera interview can be viewed here.


  1. his al jezera statements on jerusalem were the best i have heard on this subject i was in awh listening to him

    yochanan ben avroham al LGF

  2. Yes if the Arabs think the Jews rule the Western world with the media they should wait until we really make focus on the issues and target them and then tell it how it was!