"Will Israel Bomb Iran?" Rare, BBC-World TV documentary on the threat Israel is confronted with

BBC World's "This World" addressed the free-world's threat of "imagine a world without Zionism," Islamic-imperialist, Iran's developing nuclear weapons in 2006. It's still essential viewing. (Parts 2 through 6 are accessible through the on-screen menu appearing at the end of Part 1. Courtesy Dat1111 on LiveLeak).

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  1. Preparing for the unthinkable - nuclear attack

    Top federal officials and medical experts gathered in Washington on Thursday to consider this nightmare vision. Their conclusion: Cities and states are frightfully ill-prepared for dealing with an attack using a small nuclear bomb.

    "Few of them have coordinated response plans for the aftermath of nuclear terrorism," said Brooke Buddemeier, a specialist in the radiological and nuclear counter-measures division at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. "There is a general lack of understanding of the response needs and uncertainty over federal, state and local roles and responsibilities."

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